Our structure

We have aligned the governance of our programme with our strategic choices, and have ensured that this structure supports efficient and effective decision-making.

Linkxar Founders Network is governed by an executive committee comprising four members. The executive committee is the programme’s supreme governing body and holds the responsibility of ensuring that the programme’s overall mission, strategy, and direction are delivered through an effective framework of both governance and management.

The advisory council has no executive powers, but it does have a very important consultative role and as such it offers a broad forum of debate. Members of the advisory council also include representatives from the Linkxar Global member firms.

Startups look at problems from various perspectives and find unexpected solutions.


Executive Committee

Darren Dowds

Bridget Schnell

Imran Choudhry

Gary Haderlein


Advisory Council

Brad Golchin

Tuomas Tahvanainen

Dirk Lange

Damien Malone

Alexandre Jundi

Evren Ozmen

Oleg Abashev

Daniela Esteves

Ashley Boroda

Lee Ogden

Kevin Smith

Valerie Marcel

Andreas Georgiou

Roberto Cava

Nicolo Marin

Bosco Chong

Babatunde Sodipo

Vinson Vaz

Muhammad Kalim

Dov Weinstein

Joelmy Jacquemart

Julio Makouba

Szergej Schumann

Petros Theodotou

Amit Mulgund

Axel Konrath

Rafael Ferrer

Greg Mawer

Marcel Coopman

Giampiero Gugliotta

Peter Filitz

Nadia Ibtiouene

Melisa Chiaradia

Michael Kirby

Sousana Kalfa

Paul Goli

Georgy Tsaguriya

Andrew Tan

Luis Botero

Federico Richardson

Adrien Sicard

Mehmet Kasap

Daniel Rodriguez

Gilbert Loke

People do business with people they know. Grow your business by taking advantage of the many networking and promotional opportunities the network provides for cultivating and maintaining valuable business relationships.


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