Joining Linkxar Founders Network opens the door to a world of opportunities, resources, and support designed to take your startup to new heights. Our comprehensive suite of benefits is tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, from ideation to scaling. Explore how our free startup support benefits can transform your entrepreneurial experience.

We are a global community that connect startup founders, potential investors, and business partners from over 80 countries, offering you a wide range of local and international networking & business growth opportunities.

Discover the impact Linkxar Founders Network can have on your startup. Join our vibrant community today and start benefiting from the unique advantages we offer.

Join a forward looking and supportive community to get the support to launch, innovate, develop and scale startups.


Network Core Benefits

Profile Building

Boost your startup’s visibility by featuring in our global directory, showcasing your venture on our platform, and taking advantage of speaker opportunities at our events.

Mentoring Support

Receive tailored guidance from experts on a broad spectrum of areas, including mission crafting, business modelling, achieving product/market fit, sales, marketing and funding strategies.

Branding Resources

Capitalize on the opportunity to amplify your startup’s brand visibility and impact through Linkxar Founders Network, a premier global startup support network.

Modern Website

A modern website is indispensable. In today’s digital age, possessing a website is as vital as owning an office or phone, ensuring you’re always accessible to your audience, anytime, anywhere.

Networking Events

Our networking events empower you to actively participate in discussions, connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences; laying the foundation for valuable relationships.

Peer Learning

Dive into collaborative and enriching peer learning, benefiting from informal advice sessions and exchanging knowledge, ideas and expertise with fellow entrepreneurs.

Financial Clinic

Navigate financial queries with an expert, dissecting your pricing, costs, and sales strategies. These sessions provide clarity and actionable steps to enhance your strategic planning.

Best Practices

Our network connects you to the forefront of industry best practices and superior performance methods, essential for excelling in a ever-evolving technological environment.

Business Magazine

Seize the chance for your startup to be spotlighted and promoted in our magazine. This platform offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase your achievements and milestones.

Committee Members

Serve on our committees and councils, contributing your insights on pivotal issues and influence key decisions. This offers a unique opportunity to guide our network’s evolution.

Guides and Resources

Access a wealth of guides and resources, continually updated to keep you informed and ahead in a competitive landscape. These are designed to provide actionable insight.

Global Support

Receive global support from a network of business allies and partners. This collective strength offers you the connections needed to thrive in diverse markets and competitive landscapes.


Tech Benefits

Funnel Tracking Suite

Marketing is hard and tracking your marketing is even harder. Smart Funnels makes it easy to accurately track your marketing funnels.

Email Security Reports

Block malware and phishing attacks. A DMARC reporting solution for businesses to monitor and manage domains for DMARC compliance.

Automation Software

Powerful enterprise RPA software that allows any business to automate web and browser based activities to automate and organise repetitive tasks.

AI-powered SEO Suite

Take your website’s SEO to the next level. Advanced features: AI guidance and user-friendly interface. Increase traffic and reach new customers.

AltText AI Solution

AI Alt Text Generator – Automatically generate alt text for images in over 130 languages. Improve SEO and site accessibility. Let AI write your alt text.

Cookie Banner

The professional, easy-to-install GDPR Compliant Cookie Banner. Scan your website cookies and create a cookie consent widget in 5 minutes.

HTML5 Flipbooks

Convert your PDFs into amazing marketing friendly HTML Flipbooks. Sharing PDF with clients and investors has just gotten less boring.
Convert – Customise – Share

Multichannel Chatbots

Fully-customizable widget. 50+ contact channels. Full-featured live chat. The widget displays on every page of your site and provide many contact methods.

We are planning to roll our these tech benefits in July – stay tuned!


more tech benefits coming in Q3 2024…

Integration Solutions

More info coming soon…

AI Video Optimization

More info coming soon…

File-sharing System

More info coming soon…

CRM Solution

More info coming soon…

Tailored Web Policies

More info coming soon…


More info coming soon…

AI Invoice Scanner

More info coming soon…

Email Marketing Solution

More info coming soon…

AI Form Builder

More info coming soon…

Video Conferencing

More info coming soon…

AI Video Generator

More info coming soon…

Client Collaboration Tool

More info coming soon…


Founders Network

Linkxar Founders Network offers a diverse range of valuable business support benefits to suit startups. From our profile-raising opportunities and networking events to introductions and specific business support benefits, there are plenty of reasons to join.

Our programme gives you the opportunity to launch, grow and promote your business, and utilise a global brand to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Igniting Innovation. Fostering Growth.


A Network That Cares About Your Success

Becoming a member of Linkxar Founders Network means joining a family that is deeply committed to your success. With our unparalleled benefits, you’ll have everything you need to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Startup

At Linkxar Founders Network, we’re not just offering benefits; we’re providing a foundation for sustainable growth and success. Our non-profit startup benefits are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring you have the support, resources, and community to thrive.


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