DESAISIV Has Raised $2 Million in a Pre-seed Round

DESAISIV Has Raised $2 Million in a Pre-seed Round

DESAISIV, a cutting-edge InsurTech startup, has successfully raised $2 million in a pre-seed funding round from 500 Global, Terra VC and various family offices. We congratulate the DESAISIV team on this significant milestone. Founders like Mohamad Nabhan and Saed Khawaldeh are changing the world for the better and Linkxar Founder Network is committed to being their steadfast ally throughout this impactful journey.

DESAISIV is set to drive a global revolution in the insurance industry by harnessing the power of AI. Their ultimate vision is to pioneer an AI-driven future, where insurance becomes a seamless and personalized experience for all. The company’s access to an extensive database of hundreds of millions of patient records has enabled them to achieve an impressive average prediction accuracy of over 95 percent.

The pre-seed funding round was led by prominent investors, including VCs, family offices and influential figures with backgrounds in top insurance companies. This infusion of capital will empower DESAISIV to fuel their global growth , further develop ground-breaking AI products, expand their operations and teams, and explore new markets.

The founders are committed to leveraging the potential of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to create a next-generation insurance customization platform. DESAISIV’s ambition goes beyond mere disruption; they seek to lead a paradigm shift, where AI becomes the driving force behind all insurance decisions.

Saed Khawaldeh and Mohamad Nabhan both share their excitement for the future, with Khawaldeh stating, “Our sights are set on a global revolution. By harnessing the power of AI, we are reshaping the insurance industry worldwide, empowering insurers and clients with unprecedented capabilities and paving the way for a brighter future.”

Nabhan added, “With this strategic funding, DESAISIV is poised to transform the insurance sector at its core. Our vision is to pioneer an AI-driven future, where insurance becomes a seamless and personalized experience for all.”

DESAISIV’s successful funding round marks an amazing achievement in their mission to revolutionize the insurance sector through cutting-edge AI technology. The startup’s dedication to innovation and customer-centricity positions them to lead the way in reshaping the global insurance landscape.

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