AI and Deep Learning for Enterprise: Daemon’s Upcoming Event

AI and Deep Learning for Enterprise: Daemon’s Upcoming Event

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) have become buzzwords in the business world, promising to revolutionize the way we work and do business. As the demand for AI and DL technologies grows, it’s crucial for enterprise leaders to understand the potential of these cutting-edge tools and how they can help their businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest developments in AI and DL for enterprise, then you won’t want to miss the upcoming event by Daemon: AI and Deep Learning for Enterprise #4 @ Daemon (Wednesday, 12 April 2023 – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM BST).

The event will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Real-world use cases for AI and DL in enterprise
  • Best practices for implementing AI and DL solutions
  • The impact of AI and DL on enterprise operations and customer experiences
  • Strategies for overcoming common challenges in AI and DL adoption

You’ll hear from top experts in the field, as well as enterprise leaders who have successfully implemented these technologies in their organisations. You’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, learn from real-world examples, and gain practical knowledge to help you make informed decisions about AI and DL adoption in your own business.

In conclusion, the AI and Deep Learning for Enterprise event is an invaluable opportunity for enterprise leaders who want to stay ahead of the game and gain practical knowledge about the latest developments in AI and DL. With top experts, real-world examples, and networking opportunities, this event is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of business.

Event Details and Registration Link

Register now to secure your spot:

  • Date & time: Wednesday, 12 April 2023 – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM BST
  • Address: Studio C, 21 Conduit Place, London W2 1HS
  • How to find us: We’re a short walk from Paddington station tucked down Conduit Place: look out for the door marked “Daemon” between the medical center and the large wooden doors.

This event will be broadcast live via Google Meet. Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3937 1755,‬ PIN: ‪399 700 567‬#
More phone numbers: Pin=3005704404170

  • 06:30pm – Doors open, food and drink served
  • 07:00pm – Welcome and introductions from Imran Choudhry from the Linkxar Founders Network
  • 07:05pm – Lucy Thomas & Yordanka Ivanova, Natwest “Enterprise Scale MLOps at NatWest”
  • 07:45pm – Break
  • 08:00pm – Minko Dudev, LAIYE “Revolutionise Intelligent Automation with Large Language Models“
  • 08:40pm – Short talk TBC
  • 09:00pm – Wrap up

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Hugh Evans at Daemon.

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